This is "The poor-mans spoon". The blade is almost flat and not much sticks to it. The blade is made from scrap steel, originally a suspension spring from a 1950's truck. The handle is made of more than 100 year old Lancashire iron found at a scrap-yard in the forests. It's a bit special to do the smithing on the Lancashire iron for two reasons: First, this iron is very soft and forms easily, and second, it reminds us of the hard work that was carried out with the iron-production in the old days.
Dieser ist "Der arme Mann Löffel". Das Blatt ist fast flach und nicht viel haftet an ihm. Das Blatt wird vom Schrotstahl, ursprünglich ein Feder von einer 1950'er LKW gebildet und der Handgriff ist mehr als 100 jahres Lancashire Eisen. Es ist eine Spitze, die, das Smithing auf dem Lancashire Eisen aus zwei Gründen zu tun speziell ist: Zuerst ist dieses Eisen sehr weich und bildet sich leicht, und an zweiter Stelle, erinnert es uns an die harte Arbeit, die mit der Eisen-Produktion an den alten Tagen durchgeführt wurde.
This is my indoor compass "Pathfinder". The dial-arrow is made from a scrap-file. The reason for using a file is that it's made of high carbon steel. Such steel is possible to magnetize permanently after hardening. This model shows the direction to south ...
And a close-up of the dial-arrow.

This is my version of one of the characters in the american serie-comics "Spy versus spy". In the swedish version of the magazine "MAD" they are also known as "X and Y". You can read more about them in Wiki:

Dieses ist meine Version von einem der charachters in den amerikanischen Seriecomics "Spy versus spy". In der schwedischen Version der "MAD" Zeitschrift sind sie alias "X und Y". Sie können mehr über sie in Wiki lesen:

Yet another kinetic thing
"a symbol of the evil"
Spy versus spy
My compass

More compasses in different size

Yes, they are magnetic !

And a crazy kind of christmas cap
may work even if Santa goes a bit wild
My next experiment with a folded design came out as a handle to this "power-pointer", the symbol of power. It is easy to use and comes with a convenient stand.
I suppose everyone remember and love this strong charachter from the italian TV-series "La Linea". Just had to try a blacksmithed version.
The families "Boren" and "Berg" are made of freshly picked railway spikes found in the neighborhood. Sadly these old swedish spikes are becoming more and more rare these days.
The picture frame climber